Monday, November 21, 2011

Rekindling Past Loves: Calligraphy

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I've always had a fascination with typography. I am simply in love the alphabet, handwriting, and vintage signs. I love writing on chalkboards, doodling letter art on notebook paper, and taking on a blank piece of posterboard that calls out for me to fill it up with colorful jumbo-sized messages. For several years, I was actually paid to make hand-written posters for an annual fund-raising event. It took me hours and hours over several weeks each summer, and I loved every second of it.

In high school, I took several art classes. When we got to calligraphy, I was smitten. How can you not love the ink, the pens, and the beautiful shapes created as they mix upon the texture of the paper? A romantic hint of days past, when love letters and legal documents were written by scribes using similar inks and pens. If I remember correctly, I was paid to create place cards for a formal event one year. So long ago! :)

The love has been rekindled as I rediscovered my collection of ink and pens left over from so many years ago. Atop this vintage clipboard, they now have a place of importance in the studio. By keeping them out, there is a much greater chance that they will be used. Maybe for a project, maybe for the holidays, maybe just because. Whenever the creativity calls! :)

Any long lost creative loves that you've forgotten, hidden, or ignored?


  1. I love calligraphy although I can't say I am any good at it...but I HAVE always loved letters and numbers-long before it was THE thing! I hope you share some of your efforts with us. And I used to paint a bit -but I haven't in years! xo Diana

  2. I adore calligraphy and taught it for many years. It is such a joy to see each letter come alive.

  3. I'e always thought that calligraphy was so beautiful, so romantic. My oldest daughter is very good at it, as she is most art forms. When Jim and I were married in 1999, she wrote all teh placecards for our guests. The cards were beautiful and many commented on how they were keeping them. She was in high school at the time and was very proud of her accomplishment (as was I). Glad you rediscovered your pens. I am sure you'll be messing around with them soon =:) Hugs, Leena


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