Monday, December 12, 2011

Settee at the Dining Room Table

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Thanks for all your kind comments on the set of 6 vintage industrial chairs that we rescued from a dumpster and are now using in our dining room! I mentioned yesterday that we had something different on the other side of the table.

This settee was moved from its previous place in the living rom to its current home at the dining room table. I feel extra special sitting on that settee. It's super comfortable and has a luxe feel to it. We had picked it up on clearance from a local furniture store last spring. Love the lines of the piece and its fabulous nailhead detailing!!

The holiday floral display was a gift from our neighbors. They are such wonderful and generous people! It's people like them who make the holiday season come alive all year 'round!

More details on the dining room coming up (the lamps, the opposite wall, etc.)!


  1. The industrial chairs are a killer find and they look fantastic in the dining room - and that settee just finishes off the room perfectly. Bravo!

  2. Perfect! Whoever is seated at the settee will feel like they are dining in a posh restaurant. You may have to hire a wait staff. :@

  3. Love the settee at the dining room table! It is special and looks great!'

  4. I wandered what you were using on the other side of the table! Love it!

  5. I love it! I've always wanted to use couches instead of chairs at my table but haven't found the right pieces yet. Yours looks great!


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