Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 45 DIY Projects of 2011

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Welcome to the WhisperWood Cottage 2011 year in review! I spent some time today going through the 250 posts that went up on this lil' ol' blog this past year. It's amazing how much has happened here! Thank you so much for stopping here, commenting, and being part of the fun at WWC!

If you're new to WWC or simply want to catch up on past projects, please check out the top 45 projects of 2011...

The Full Before & After Tour of the WhisperWood Cottage Studio Makeover

Deconstructing a Chaise, Reconstructing Ourselves: Listen, Trust, Create!

Vintage Door Coat Rack in Studio

Vintage Corner Hutches for the Dining Room

Make Your Own Craft Paper (yes, paper!) Chalkboard

Make Your Own Chalkboard Tags (from old business cards!)

Vertical Storage with Vintage Wire Baskets & an Antique Ladder

Tutorial: How We Made Our Own Glass Terrarium/Hurricane Lamp

12 Ways to Use Vintage Signs in Contemporary Decor

Master Bedroom Nook Gets Birch Stencil Makeover

"Faux Sew" Burlap Pillow Cover

Plaid Pattern Burlap Coaster

Thrifty Junking Finds

Stenciled Linen Tape Candle Wrap

Wash Tub Stand as a Luggage Rack

How We Made Our Own Tufted Fur Ottoman

Hourglass Stenciled Pillow Cover

All is "Grey-t" with a Vintage Greyhound Bus Sign

Blue & White Ikat Chairs

Sexy Dress Form Gets Accessorized

Using What You Have, Having What You Love

Red Jute Webbing Flower Pot Slipcover

Laundry is More Fun with Industrial Canvas Basket

Garage Sale Find: 1930s Rand McNally Globe

Inspired by Grace...An Inspirational Ballerina Mirror

Vintage Medical Cabinet and Future Plans for the Dining Room

Vintage Printer's Tray Turned Photo Display

Burlap Tissue Box Cover

The IDEAL Vintage Sign

America's Next Top Work Table

Vintage Industrial with a Beach Cottage/Coastal Vibe

Vintage Turqoise Ring: $5 Garage Sale Find

Home Sweet Home Vintage Sign Transformation

Slipcover Bench Makeover

Winter White Faux Fur Wreath

The Real Purpose of Decorating: Vintage Printer's Tray Mirror

Nautical to Autumnal: Studio Gets Fall Makeover

Silk Drapes in the Workout Room

Silver, Crystal, Burlap & Chalkboard Place Setting

Organizing Your Garage: Wheels and Casters are a Must Have!

Photos of My Kauai Adventure

Vintage Edison Battery Jar Repurposed

Dual Milbradt Ladders in the Guest Room

Scenic Views of Ireland's West Coast

World's Fastest Makeover

Thanks for following and subscribing! See you here in 2012 for another fun year! We'll be kicking it off in January with 2nd Annual 1st Project of the Year Party!

It's almost time! The new year is coming!! 
That means new ideas, new projects, new ways to express your authentic style!!

I'm sure y'all have projects planned or in the works for 2012. Am I right? Well, if so, I want to see them. In fact, we all want to see them!! DIY, craft, decorating, sewing, health, photography, repair, trash-to-treasure, organization, cleaning...whatever your first projects of the year are!! So, starting on 1/12/12 (that's January 12, 2012), we'll be partying here at WW Cottage with the "2012 1st Project of the Year Party." 

Last year's party was my favorite event ever! The link-ups were amazing, and I featured a total of over 70 projects!! Check out last year's party: 2011 1st Project of the Year Party. Check out last year's winners and features: Day 11 Grand Prize Winner & Must-See Features.

Stay tuned for this year's party details and prize package information!

I know y'all are busy with the holiday season,
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  1. How did you ever choose? Everything you post is wonderful! I missed the ballerina mirror and may have to steal the idea for the dancers in my life! Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year!

  2. so many awesome projects! your home looks so amazing!

  3. I love absolutely everything you did!! I collect globes and yours was a score! Those dining chairs - coveting! The list goes on and on... Can't wait to see more in the new year.

  4. Love them have an amazing design eye. I can't get enough! Hey, I added your 1st project button too. Hoping your New Year is Bright!

  5. Truly fabulous! Every one!
    Happy, happy New Year!

  6. So many awesome idea and beautiful projects. I just love your entire home and your style, Amy! Thanks so much for sharing in the DIY 2011 recap. I look forward to seeing your creativity in 2012 and working together again! ;)

    Happy New Year!

  7. I'm your newest follower. I found you through DIY Showoff and I can't wait to see all that you do in the New Year. Would love for you to follow back!! Heather

  8. Beautiful! I don't even know if I could pick a favorite. WOW! Thanks for linking up and following, I'm glad you stopped by so I can follow you. Looking forward to 2012 and will be linking up. Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Amy, I really appreciate you putting all your top posts here. You're home is just lovely and I'm envying your dining room!


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