Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Updated Dining Room & Industrial Desk Lamps

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Here's the full shot of the dining room as it is currently.

The settee on one side, which makes this table an inviting space to sit and work. Paying bills doesn't seem like such a chore in such a comfy seat!

The salvaged vintage industrial chairs on the other side...I just love their simple lines and utilitarianism. The best part is that I can easily use the table for simple tasks, like folding laundry, without having to move the chairs out of the way. :)

I have to tell you a little about these lamps, too. They are Perry Industrial Style Desk Lamps from Ralph Lauren. They were TJMaxx finds at $80/piece, and a little research showed that they were originally $345 each. That's 77% off the original retail price! I hadn't expected that much of a deal. Thanks, TJMaxx!

I love the mixed metal finish...a combination of brushed steel and brushed brass finish. I've always been a person who mixes metals, wood finishes, etc...part of my authentic style, I guess. :) It all adds to the eclectic, industrial, and traditional touches I love.

Any great finds for you lately?
Any bargains? Anything that called to your authentic style?


  1. amy it looks so awesome! love the table with those chairs and then that glam mirror- awesome!!!!

  2. Simply gorgeous!! I love the idea of using the settee for seating.

  3. O.M. goodness...first...those chairs! I still can't believe that find. Next, that table! Have you shared about that before??? Then, your ceiling??? Hello, gorgeous. Last, was the lamp a recent TJ find? If so, I'm soooo gonna comb every last one in our area. It's totally speaking my language! :) Love your style, girl!

  4. love those chairs...can't believe someone was throwing them glad you saved them - the whole room is gorgeous!

  5. You have a gorgeous and unique dining room, Amy (and Ron)! I adore your corner cabinets. What a deal on those lovely lamps. I love that you can access your table better now for multiple uses.

  6. WOW- I LOVE that lamp! Ralph Lauren knows what he is doing! And you gotta love TJ Maxx! I have never seen one like that here...darn~ xo Diana

  7. I found some rusty stars..large ones...for $9.00!! Score!!
    I love those lamps...looks great on your fabulous table

  8. Those chairs are fabulous!
    Every time I walk into an elementary school I see the vintage chairs and wish...and wish...


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