Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vintage Industrial Chairs in the Cottage Dining Room

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It has been a super busy summer/fall/winter for us here. No, not busy around the cottage. Busy with work and life, in general, which means we've haven't done much around the cottage at all...hence, the non-existent holiday decorating! I have a to-do list and wish list a mile long, but those things simply have to wait until time and energy allow! :)

One thing we did do this fall was to replace the seating at our dining room table. It was completely unexpected! See the chairs above? They are the "new" ones. Actually, they are vintage stainless steel and wood chairs that were rescued from a dumpster. People were just chucking these away! We scored 6 of them.

Since I was loving the vintage and industrial feel to them, I decided to sell the dining chairs we purchased when we first moved into the cottage. We sold the 10 brown leather (vinyl) parson's chairs on Craig's List...six to a young couple and four to a woman who wanted waiting room seating in her hair salon. They were rarely used, so the people who bought them got a great deal! Actually, I was quite happy with the little nest egg we made from the sales. Ron has saving up for something special for a while, so I handed over the cash to him. I enjoy supporting my hubby's dreams as much as he supports mine!

On the left side of the table, we have four of the rescued chairs as well as one chair at each end of the table. The industrial chairs are a great juxtaposition to the antique Amish harvest table. Since putting these chairs in there, the dining room has gotten more use than it ever has! Not so much for dining but more as a workspace. After wondering why, my only conjecture is that the parson's chairs were too tall and cumbersome to move and the seat height made leg room an issue. These vintage chairs have a lower profile, give the space a more open feel, and are easy to pull back and move around. We're big fans!

Stay tuned to see the seating on the other side of the table and the rest of the dining room!


  1. Amy, what a fantastic score!!! Who in their right mind would throw such gorgeous chairs away? Glad they found a great home with someone who appreciates them! :)

  2. Isn't it amazing what a difference the right chairs can make?!

    And may I add, you've mastered the art of Rangespeak! :@

  3. oh wow! those chairs are AMAZING. i am so jealous they were free!!!

  4. What luck! Those chairs are fabulous!!

  5. I loved the look of your other chairs but I must say these vintage ones are beauties and such a great find. Even better that they are functional. In trying to make our home more 'authentic', and keeping our budget in mind, we have sold quite a few things too. Some of the money went towards stuff we really like, and other money was used for the endless 'life' stuff around here. Looking forward to seeing more of your dining room.

  6. I love the look of the new chairs! Great style!

  7. I love those chairs!! They are perfect!'

  8. Wow! Great score! Those chairs are amazing and to find 6 all together! Chairs are the hardest things to find to go with the industrial look! I love yours!

  9. WOW! Awesome look! I'm so excited to link up to your chalkboard par-taaay!!

  10. oh my word - i'm in LOVE with those dumpster chairs - what were they thinking? lucky you! talk about right place at the right time. Nice save!

  11. Haven't found anything that cool in any dumpster near me! LOVE them and they add so much pizazz to the room

  12. amy,
    those chairs are SO awesome and even moreso being FREE! i love the new look...isn't it cool how our taste & style evolves over time.
    i came very close to picking up six 50's chairs with wood slat seats/backs on iron legs at our local flea market for $50 but was't sure they would work with my i'm not so sure! lol oh well.


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