Thursday, December 15, 2011

Vintage Medical Cabinet & Future Plans for Dining Room

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Here's the other side of the dining room.

Love that antique sand-painted railroad sign I found on one my junking adventures!

You know I love using vintage and antique signs all around the cottage!!

In the spot in which the beach cottage cabinet (above) used to be, is this antique medical/dental cabinet.

Curvaceous legs and all!

Another junking find...from the same vendor, too!

It is home to a set of china that I received from my grandmother. 


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I'm loving the direction in which the dining room is heading. There are a few things I'd like to do yet, such as:
  1. Paint the walls a fresh white.
  2. Maybe some architectural details on the walls...hmmm.
  3. Maybe paint the corner cabinets.
  4. Change out the drapery hardware.
  5. Considering new drapes but will wait until I see the room painted.
  6. Industrialize the chandelier or get a new one with an industrial feel to it.
  7. While I would love wood flooring, it is probably not an option with this house. Booo!
  8. Also considering building shelving and adding a library ladder to the wall opposite the windows.
I'm not sure which, if any, of these things will be done in any given order or in any certain timeframe. They are just ideas that are simmering and waiting until time, energy, and resources allow! :)

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  1. I covet that medical cabinet... Always have. Always will!

    You already know this about me but it deserves to be restated... I love your aesthetic!

  2. I, too, adore that medical cabinet..what a find that was and I LOVE that railroad sign. Your unique style is lovely~ xo Diana

  3. I thought I spied a glimpse of that dental cabinet in your last post. That is one FINE piece!

  4. I too am in total love with that medicine cabinet! Your dining room is awesome!!
    Love it

  5. You could sell a million of those medical cabinets, and I would be waiting in line for one. Lovely post. Thanks :-)


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