Monday, January 16, 2012

Burlap & Silver Spoon Valentine

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Valentine's Day is on its way! Inspired by Canvas Corp's new burlap flowers, I schemed up this plan for a clever little valentine! Remember those silvery spoons and ironstone creamer I won from White Flower Farmhouse? Blend them together with this gaggle of goodies and you get several options!

The full tutorial is featured at The DIY Club.


You can tuck the spoon end into burlap-filled creamer or into a plant.
This plant is tucked into my jute webbing flower pot slipcover.


Change out the center design for something that is garden-related and you are ready for spring!


I am thinking these could be used for multiple purposes:

Plant label
Wedding table marker
Card club centerpiece or giveaway
Place marker for Valentine's Day or Easter dinner

Do you have any more ideas?

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  1. Very Cute idea! Also love the webbing around the flower pot!

  2. Amy love that little burlap flower, so versatile. Nice work.

  3. We have been looking for ideas for our planned farmers market style for bath bomb etc craft fayre. These are very different...I like them.

    The Bathtime Team x

  4. What a cude and adorable idea.. Love it..!!


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