Sunday, January 15, 2012

Word of the Year: Possible!

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Inspired by Layla's This Little Word of Mine party, 2012 is the year of the possible at WhisperWood Cottage. Time to realize that our goals and dreams are possible.

P. 0. S. S. I. B. L. E.

It's possible to...

be loved
be healthy
be fit
be free
feel strong
feel beautiful
strengthen relationships
find new friends
travel the world
love our bodies

I'm loving the year of the possible! Once you believe "it" is possible, you can take the first step toward making "it" happen. I've been working on answering these questions lately.
  • What goals have I been avoiding simply because I think them as impossible?
  • What barriers have I put up?
  • What thoughts about a situation or circumstance keep me trapped in the past?
  • How would changing my thoughts about my circumstance/situation move me forward?
  • What's my first step in making the possibility my reality?
We are each on our own journeys. Each time you take a step forward on your path, you change your story, you make a step toward the possible, you become more you. The current you and the possible you become one and the same. Love that! Whatever it is, it is possible. Start with that thought! Here's to  all things possible in 2012!

FREE PRINTABLE!: I was so inspired by the one word theme that I put together a printable (below) to get me (and you, if you wish) started. I've never done a printable before but, hey, it's possible to learn it and do it, right? Definitely! It's an 8x10, which you can download or print here

download this free 8x10 printable

What's your word for 2012?
Does the word possible play into you reaching your goals? 

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  1. Wonderful encouraging post! Love it when bloggers inspire with their creativity, but this is so wonderful to read uplifting words and inspiration with such positive encouragement. We all have some "boxes" in life we have been stuck in, even when we think we have broken down all of our walls. I appreciate this so much, and am inspired as well! thanks, carrell

  2. Great word!! Mine is Complete!! Complete those things that I started in 2011!!
    Onward and upward!!!

  3. Love this! I'm a new follower!! A great word for the year. All things are possible in Him!! Thanks for this printable! =) Love your site!


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