Friday, February 17, 2012

Drywall Repair Progress

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Do you ever notice that projects go more fun when you have some music playing? It's so true! At times, I like peace and quiet while I work. Other times, I like a little TV in the background. Most times, when it comes to DIY, Ron and I have some kind of music jamming on the radio. Enter...the DeWalt Worksite Radio from Not only do you get music, but you also get all kinds of cool features like being able to charge your DeWalt batteries from the radio itself. What? So cool! The music and functionality makes some of those more tedious DIY projects a bit more fun!

Which brings me to my next topic...drywall repair. Ever done that? Neither have I, but Ron has! Quite a bit. Which is why he is not so fond of me changing out anything on the walls. Like a champ, he has been working on making the holes on the left into the non-holes on the right...

There's a bit more of the process to finish. Check out the video I included in my post over at The DIY Club. No, I'm not in the video! It's one I found online that explains the process Ron used to patch the holes above. Once the entire process is done, I'll add some paint and then do something with these bad boys...

Remember when I teased you with the photo above? Stay tuned, because I have a plan! :)


  1. Curiosity kills me! ;) Can't wait to see what you're up to!

  2. You're still teasing!!!!!


  3. My family is in the interior/exterior paint business and I have spent many summers rocking out spackling, sanding and painting.


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