Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Nook Goes Vintage Medical Chic

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In the last post, I teased you with the photo above. I also showed you how this nook was created when we added a closet (see before and after in photos below) during our master bedroom renovation a couple years ago.

BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

With the addition of the second closet, we now had this nook. Since 2009, it has seen plenty of action as it was transformed season after season. I put together a timeline of the nook so that you could see what I mean...

Left: Master Bedroom Makeover Tour November 2009
Center: Sunshiny Mornings & Moody Afternoons February 2010

Left: Simplifying December 2010
Right: Simplified Summer Look July 2011

What does it look like now?

With a vintage medical cabinet and coordinating medical stool,
the nook now has what I'm calling a "vintage medical chic" appeal...

{okay, I'm not so sure about the chic, but vintage and medical are accurate!}

Oddly enough, this cabinet has seen it's own series of transformations. It started off like this...


then to the living room with some decor...

then the wood cabinet base was changed out for a metal desk...

Now, it is in the master bedroom nook

and being use for a whole new purpose!

Can you guess what that purpose is?


  1. ooh i love it! i got some awesome vintage industrial school chairs today for $5 each.... i got 4 for the playroom and 4 to sell. i thought of you when i saw them! :)

  2. Awesome! What a great jewelry holder and vanity area. Is that what you're using it for? For makeup/jewelry/getting ready??

    Love it!

  3. I love the way you transformed it...It looks wonderful in that created quite a unique piece!

  4. I think you and Ron are playing Doctor and Nurse!


  5. Ha ha! I don't think I could come up with anything better than Bliss.

    They recently had a silent auction where I work with ALL medical stuff. I don't even bother bidding anymore because it's rigged!!! I don't even want to SEE the stuff I don't have a chance of getting.

    Your cabinet is wonderful! I like it better on the metal table. It looks like they belong together.

  6. That cabinet is gorgeous...especially paired with the industrial stool!
    Nice work!

  7. You always find such cool pieces! Bliss has the perfect comment, so I won't add anything else haha.

  8. Well done... As always, again!

    You've created a lovely spot to accessorize!

  9. Love it! You always come up with the best ideas for decorating! Thanks for sharing! xo, Leena


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