Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time for a Patch Up!

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Do you know what happens when you take down that shelf in the bathroom?

You are left with lots of holes in the wall!

Do you know what happens when you didn't patch the holes from a previous shelf?

You have double the holes!

And what about when you take out the plastic anchors?

You get really BIG holes!

I think they might need to be patched.

Just a bit. :)



  1. i just took down my bathroom shelves tonight and i have huge holes from taking out the anchors! they need patching big time. i also put a small hole in the ceiling corner too taking down some old trim...ugh. what patch product do you like to use?
    i have plaster walls. Good Lucky Patching! :)

  2. OK, I may not use power tools like an ace, but I can trowel mud with the best of em!


  3. lol. Good luck! Loving to decorate (and changing things out) comes with a small price - holes in the walls! ;) Wonder what you're replacing it with? Curious to see what you're up to!

  4. That's what my bathroom looks's next on my list of rooms to paint ;-)

  5. Hahaha that is what I do to!! I never hesitate to put the holes there, I always say "it can be patched..." then it comes time to patch it and I am cursing the holes!!

  6. My daughter and I JUST took down the ugly wall cabinet that her bathroom came with yesterday. My solution: Don't bother filling the holes, I've got a cool old wall cabinet that will cover the mess. :@

  7. I feel your pain!! Ha!!

  8. How do you take out the anchors? My husband was taught that you put a screwdriver on them and then hammer in until the anchor falls behind the walls. Frankly, I'm not sure if any way makes a smaller hole to patch up.


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