Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Medical Cabinet Used as a Jewelry Organizer and Vanity

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No, Miss Bliss, Ron and I are NOT playing doctor and nurse, though I did get a chuckle out of your comment! Sarah got it right when she suggested I was using the vintage medical cabinet in the bedroom nook as a jewelry holder and vanity area!

If you open the doors, you can see a mirror, which is very helpful for putting in earrings, etc.

A vintage bunsen burner stand is used to hold necklaces, bracelets, etc. This is the same stand I used for my whimsical bird's nest display last year.

The brackets are movable and allow for hanging different length jewelry.

A hand-crafted bowl nestles perfectly to hold rings and other baubles.

This "listen" necklace above was crafted by jewelry designer Gretchen at Mimi Toria's Designs. She and Lani at Cottage Elements gifted it to me for my birthday a few years ago.

Some other fun necklaces on display.

The vintage tin box was a junk find. I love it's colors and patterns.

This is the drawer before. It shows the original green color of the desk. No, I didn't paint the desk. It was white when I found it. I think the green is the same as the pair of vintage medical cabinets I have in the studio/office. Don't you think?

I lined the drawer with cork and then sorted jewelry using the vintage milk glass dental trays I showed you a couple weeks ago...

Instead having everything tangled and jumbled up, everything is easily visible. It saves so much time getting ready in the morning! It's also easier to put things away!

Alright! So spill it! How do you organize your jewelry? Is it piled in a drawer? Hanging on something? Did you DIY a special jewelry display piece? Did you get rid of all your jewelry just so you didn't have to organize it?

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  1. I wear the same watch, ring, and earings every day, so the few necklaces and bracelets that I never wear are tangled up in vintage teacups. I'd start wearing more jewelry just to get a cabinet like yours!

  2. Wow,what a clever idea....I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Ijust actually organized my jewelry a couple of weeks ago. I have one of those velvet inserts that comes in the top drawer of a dresser...but I gotta tell you- I LOVE yours! You are one smart chick! xo Diana

  4. love the medical cabinet for your jewellery! My husband has a dentists cabinet which is similar but has more drawers. He wants to use it for his tools....I now have other ideas!!

  5. The dental trays are brilliant for organizing! Love that little stool too!

  6. Love your jewelry cabinet! What a great upcycle! I have one of those jewelry armoires with the velvet inserts, but I confess that I rarely remember to wear my jewelry, because it's not on display.

  7. that is such a great idea, amy! i love the look of it in your nok, too- but i have loved all manifestations of the nook!

  8. I love it! I want one...they are great for displays of little items.


  9. You've done a lovely job - it's gorgeous!

  10. wow-amazing repurpose with it all. those trays, this vanity. amazing!

  11. Amy,
    Do you know how fantastic this piece of furniture is? I am in love and the use of it is BRILLIANT! My lady, you are getting a sticker from me tomorrow.

    Thank You SO Much for visiting my party!

  12. This is just fabulous!!! Love it! How fun to pick out your jewelry every morning!

  13. I hang mine on padded boards I added fabric and frames and hung drawer pulls to hang my jewelry. So quick and easy to find.

  14. What a neat piece and such a cool idea to turn it into a jewelry case! The dental trays look like they came with it. My jewelry is in an actual jewelry armoire that my husband got me for Christmas one year. I am thinking of painting it sometime though.

  15. This is AWESOME! I'd LOVE to have you link up your project at my party! XO, Aimee


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