Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm a Hat Person

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You've seen all the reincarnations of this vintage medical cabinet as well as the many looks of this nook in the master bedroom. Recently, the vintage medical cabinet was nestled in the nook and repurposed as a jewelry organizer/vanity area (photo below on left). Even more recently, the cabinet was repurposed hat storage/display (photo below on right).

I actually love hats!

I am much more a hat person than a jewelry person. I used to have my hats displayed on a salvaged mantel turned hat rack in my bedroom closet, but that was changed when I reorganized the closet area. Since then, my hats have been in drawers, in baskets, and on shelves. I was wearing them less because they were not easily accessible.

So, here they are trying out a new home in the vintage medical cabinet. I love seeing them all lined up. 

Are you a hat person? If not, what's your thing? Shoes, bags, jewelry? Do tell!

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  1. Your hats look great on display! I wish I could do that to my shoes. ;-)

  2. i love the way they look! and i am a hat person, but i only have two that i wear all the time. :)

  3. When my hubby and I got married I think I had about 25 hats...and then slowly, over the years, I kind of got away from wearing them as much...but I do love a hat..and yours are GREAT! xo Diana

  4. Love the look! Love hats but I'm definitely a bag girl...hmmm...maybe I need to give them their own pretty cabinet!

  5. I love hats! But...they don't love me. My head is too fat. :(


  6. I am so in love with that cabinet. My love is shoes for sure. They are everywhere!! Ha!!

  7. Oh I wish I looked good in a hat! I just love them but look ridiculous in all hats. Your hat case makes me smile. Something about it just feels so clean and good! Love your style...

  8. Love hats! Problem is they don't love me and my big ol' melonhead!
    I would love to have a room set up as a boutique. I'm a visual type of gal and to have all my cr@p out where I could see it would make my life so much easier!

  9. I don't wear hats, but that doesn't mean I don't love to look at interesting ones! I love that idea! You are one clever lady!

  10. this cabinet looks great- love the hats in there!


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