Sunday, April 1, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover Tour

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Welcome to the full tour of the master bedroom makeover at WhisperWood Cottage. We originally completed the makeover in fall 2010. Since then, we've added, changed, and updated a few things here and there. It is still my favorite room in the house.

Inspired by Donna's Saturday Nite Special Party featuring room makeovers, I thought I'd pull all the photos together in one place. I apologize for the so-so images...I've learned a lot about photography since the majority of these photos were taken. Most importantly, I've learned how to actually use my camera properly! It's amazing what I can learn when I read the instruction manual! :)

The new flooring and wall treatments make all the difference for creating the warm, yet bright and airy, feeling in this room! Tricia@Life At The Zoo got it right went she commented, "The more you break the room down, the more I realize that what I really love about it is the perfect balance of light and dark." Thank you, Tricia! I think that is what I love about it, too!

Here, we added a closet clad in horizontal planks and featuring a set of antique store-front doors. Now hubby has his own closet and we were able to get rid of an armoire, a cabinet, and a dresser that were holding his clothes beforehand.

We already owned all the furniture in this room except for the canopy bed. Everything else was found over the years at garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, flea markets, discount stores, and even ebay. The white bedding is a combination of TJMaxx finds and Pottery Barn clearance items.

My closet was clad in horizontal wood planks. The door treatment consists of a door rescued from a university renovation and a salvaged flat track and trolley from an 1800s barn that was being torn down.

A second school door and track/trolley set is now being used as the door to the master bath.

So, that's the tour of the WhisperWood Cottage master bedroom makeover! Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I think your bedroom is the most beautiful room I've ever seen! I love the doors you used on the bath and the closets, the sign above your bed is fabulous and the 4 poster bed is gorgeous! Really I love it!

  2. Your room is amazing!! I love the closet doors. Megan

  3. I love your master...and those doors are my favorite. Absolutely beautiful~ Julie

  4. That is such an amazing room - those sliding doors are breathtaking!

    Question about your chair... what style of chair is that? I'm looking for one like that and don't know how to search for it! Thanks!

  5. What a fabulous transformation. The doors add so much character. I love four poster beds and have a four-poster bed makeover in my future. Teetering between painting/staining the oak finish dark or painting it white. I like the look of this dark bed contrasting with all of the white like Tricia said. I want that rug too!

  6. It is all gorgeous, but the doors are my favorite too. The trolley says National Manufacturing, Sterling, IL which is my current home. National was a very successful manufacturer of hardware until the principal owners sold the company to Stanley. Stanley ran it for a few years and then closed the doors last fall. A sad ending to a great company. Now you know the rest of the story. (I feel like Paul Harvey.) Beautiful transformation!

  7. Those doors make the room so interesting with all the history that goes along with them. You also have so much light flooding into the room to make it feel bright and fresh. A wonderful transformation!

  8. Looking at those before pictures it's hard to believe it is the same space! So beautiful and unique.

    Sweet dreams,


  9. OMG! This is SO NICE! Love what you did, but am going crazy over the sliding doors! And that HUGE mirror! Wow! It all looks so beautiful! Great job! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  10. You have so many incredible aspects to the room! That door....and that frame on the mirror! Of my goodness- it's all just beautiful!!
    xo Becca

  11. Fabulous!!!!! Wow!!!! Amazing!!! 'nough said, ha

  12. I LOVE the doors, and the closet you built. What a beautiful space. If your pics don't do it justice, well...can't imagine it being any greater than it looks here! :-)

  13. I can see why this is your favorite room. Those doors are spectacular. The wood is so warm and beautiful. Nicely done!

  14. I have been waiting to see this! You did a marvelous job. I love how you have tied all the old pieces right into a modern day home. Perfect!!!! Love the doors and the sign over your bed. LOVE the job you did here! xo Diana

  15. Lovely!! The floors look great, I love the doors you used, especially the sliding one. Very pretty bed and everything comes together! Great.


  16. What and amazing transformation.I LOVE that barn door.

  17. Love, love your track doors. Where did you get that hardware???

  18. Gorgeous. A different style, for the most part, than how I decorate, but I love the character and charm. Favorite part? The mirror. Stunning. Really adds a sophisticated touch to a cozy room. Great combinations.


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