Sunday, April 15, 2012

Medical Tray Magnetic Message Center in the Kitchen

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Hello, there! Thank you to everyone who has linked up to the "All Things Kitchen" Talent Scouting Party so far!! Holy amazing projects! I'm drooling over all the white kitchens, carrera marble and wood countertops, industrial touches, and unexpected details. Get your kitchen projects linked up for a chance to win a feature in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine! I'll be featuring a few kitchen projects here on the blog later this week! :)

Inspired by all the projects, I started going back through old blog posts to see what other kitchen-related projects I've done. I found this one that I did back in August of 2010 for The DIY Club. Have any of you been around here long enough to remember this one?

I had four vintage medical trays, which were calling out for a repurpose. I added a DiscHanger to the back of each.

I also whipped up a few of these domino magnets...full tutorial here and used them in conjunction with these vintage number flashcards I used to have.

A few extra details and voila...a vintage medical tray magnetic message center...


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  1. Love this idea.Actually I found a vintage enamel tray from a highchair.As soon as I found it I had this same idea.Well to make it a magnetic board.I love the idea with the domino's and cards.That I did not think of.That looks great.

  2. Adorable idea. I've been wanting to do this with silver trays. Love this.

  3. What a great idea. So glad you shared this with us

  4. Those trays are so cool! Love what you did with them.

  5. Love them sooo much, need to get me some medical trays, hmmm?

  6. SOOO cute!! I love the trays on the wall! You always come up with something clever.

  7. Oh no - now I'll be on the hunt for vintage medical trays while I'm out and about!

    Love these - and I use Disc hangers too - they are the best!

  8. I have to tell you- I was at an estate sale over the weekend and picked up an enamel piece that looks like a butter dish! I totally thought of this post when I saw it because it's in the same black and white! I wish I knew what it's original use was- surgical tools???? I won't be using it for butter that's for sure! ;) something fun hopefully.


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