Sunday, August 5, 2012

21 Reasons to Visit Minnesota's North Shore

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Have you ever thought about visiting Minnesota's North Shore along Lake Superior? Or relaxing at a lodge along the Gunflint Trail? Here are 21 reasons you should!

1. Amazing views of Canada.

2. Cell phone & Internet free.

3. Wildlife everywhere!

4. Stunning vistas.

5. Water sports of all kinds.

6. Fishing galore.

7. Rustic, simple living.

8. Perfect summer temperatures.

9. Peace & quiet.

10. Fresh water swimming.

11. The Boundary Waters.

12. World's best donuts.

13. Lighthouses and houseboats.

14. History.

15. Lake Superior.

16. Sailboats.

17. Rock formations.

18. Inspiration.

19. Hiking.

20. Amazing colors & textures.

21. Photographic possibilities!

Can you tell we had an amazing weekend? 
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  1. Amy, that place is stunning! I've never been to Minnesota...I'm filing this away for next summer!

  2. I used to live in Minnesota and loved to visit Lake Superior. Now I live in another "M" state Michigan, and spent time on another one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. Please stop by and see my day at the beach, Laura

  3. Amy your making me cry with all my childhood memories!! I miss MN so much, especially in the summer. And I have been to Lutsen on the alpine slide, there's nothing else like it around. Such a great post, thank you for taking me back.

  4. Jeff wants to know if he can come work with you? Looking at your photography, you have me convinced!

  5. Gorgeous. I've been to the Canadian side of Lake Superior and it is magnificent. One year we want to travel all around Lake Superior and see the American side as well. Fantastic photos.

  6. Oh I LOVE this post! I adore the midwest and I heart the lakes! I live on a lake in Wisconsin and I swear that is just nothing like it! What a beautiful post and amazing photos! LOVE it!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  7. Amy, so fun seeing your pictures of the North Shore! I've been there several times and seen the lighthouses and the Artist's Point. I've stayed in the Lighthouse B&B in Two Harbors. But I haven't been there for several years. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back.

  8. Your photographs are stunning! This looks like a perfect vacation spot!

  9. ahhhhhh gorgeous pics!!! Savoring these summer moments!

  10. Your freshwater coastal images are stunning. I love those boats! Makes me want to make-over my sons' soom again... boat style. I've been thinking about it, just don't the time yet! But these images are really inspirational and the more insprired I get, the more nudged I am in that direction.

  11. I have never been to this area and have heard that it was a beautiful place to be...and it is!...
    Gorgeous captured the true spirit of this place and certainly entices one to want to visit!

  12. Makes me want to pack my bags! Wonderful shots.

  13. Beautiful photos! I can see why you had an amazing time!

  14. Your photography is gorgeous. We just missed out on a trip to Grand Marais with my sister and her hubby who is from Minnesota. His family, or most of them, are still there. We did get to go year before last for Spring Break and had such a great time. We want to go back because we didn't make it up as far as Grand Marais where my sisters husbands brother lives and works and Lake Superior. They said it is soooo beautiful and I can see from your pics (and hers) that it is.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I wish I could pack and up and go NOW!


  15. Looks stunning and your pictures are amazing!

  16. Oh, this place looks so fun!


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