Wednesday, August 15, 2012

High Dollar Style on a TJMaxx/Goodwill Budget

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Hello, you beautiful cottage lovers, you! I realized the other day that I have not shown you the pair of Chesterfield barrel chairs I found at...get this...TJ MAXX!

Side note before continuing with this post: Lest you think that I do nothing else but shop or that I am promoting unabandoned consumerism or hoarding, let me clarify that I shop periodically with a very discerning eye and pocketbook. I am just extra happy when I find quality pieces at prices that won't break the bank or offend my thrifty attitude. Now, onto the finds...

Shock and awe, right? I shop TJMaxx regularly and know that when they have larger furniture pieces, they usually come in quantities of one. Well, kudos, TJMaxx, for having a pair of these awesome beauties. They are nearly identical to the Ascot Chair at Pottery Barn (no longer available but shown in photo below)...

Similarities between my chairs and the PB chair:
     -rolled arms
     -dark brown legs

Differences between my chairs and the PB chair:
     -Pottery Barn Ascot Chair has square legs while the TJMaxx version has turned legs
     -Pottery Barn Ascot Chair has no details while the TJMaxx version has bronze nailhead trim
     -Pottery Barn Ascot Chair was $899 to $1199 each while the TJMaxx version was much less (hubba hubba!)

It's as exciting as the day that Goodwill saved me $318! Remember that?

I added these Vera Wang LOVE KNOTS basket weave boudoir pillows (also from TJMaxx) to the mix. These pillows normally retail for $180...but not at TJMaxx!

The Ralph Lauren industrial lamp is a TJMaxx find from last year. Suggested retail? $345! Again, not at TJMaxx!

This brass metal table in between the two chairs guessed it...another TJMaxx find.

The cherry on top is this little brass box made in India. A simple but elegant $2.00 Goodwill purchase.

Have you had any luck at TJMaxx? I find amazing things there ALL the time. It's like shopping at a flea market, except that everything is new. You never know what you will find, and the inventory is changing daily. It's much more exciting than shopping at a regular department store! 

Anyone else have a TJMaxx story to share? Or maybe a Big Lots adventure? Any discount or thrift store story will do!


  1. WOW!! I heart TJ Maxx too - they have such great finds, but this one is amazing!

  2. OMG!...I can honestly say that those chairs are nicer than Pottery Barn's!!...They are stunning in your room...Gotta love TJ Maxx!!!
    I have not found anything there lately...but there's always tomorrow!!!

  3. LOVE me some TJ Maxx and I LOVE those chairs! What a great find. They look great in your room!

  4. Good deal! You were there at the right time! I have not been in a tjmaxx for awhile now. I have so many thrift stores that my funds are gone before I can step foot into one LOL!

  5. I go all the time and always walk out with great stuff! I love shopping for gifts there especially:o) Great job on your finds!!!

  6. Amy, I love those chairs!!!! What a great find, I have to get me some of those pillows though!!!!Love love love!!!!

  7. I have a little tin box that looks exactly like that. I have NO clue where it was from but I used it as an American Girl lunch pail when I was a kid and still have it packed up with my Samantha doll!

    Love the chairs! Steal!

  8. TJ Maxx is probably my favorite "new stuff" store. I rarely go to a mall any more, and haven't been to a real furniture store in years. I love your chairs- what a great deal!

  9. Gotta love TJMAXX I always find great stuff there, Those chairs are to die for I'm liking the ones from TJX better than the ones from PB... I say keep on shopping...


  10. GET OUT, GIRL!!! You scored big time! These chairs span almost every decorating style under the sun. Wow! So cool that you got a pair.

  11. Are you kidding me! That is unreal. I love the lines and especially the nail head trim. What a steal, oh I mean a score! :)

  12. WOW!! What great finds!!! You are a lucky girl- xo Diana

  13. The latest thing I found was a white leather and chrome computer chair, I've sat in it every time I've been at TJ Maxx or Marshall's, finally bought it and love it! Love your chairs and I always shop at that store!

  14. I am glad I am not the only one that loves and adores TJ Maxx! I totally covet your chairs... I like them better than the PB version! I really like your style :)

  15. You are making me want to go back down to the valley of the sun in AZ so I can visit a TJ Maxx! It is HOT down there and not in the way your finds are hot... :)Your chairs are wonderful.

  16. I just MAXXed today ;) LOVE that place!!

    Great finds. The chairs are GORGEOUS... just gorgeous!!

  17. Unfortunately, I don't live near a TJ MAXX. Or maybe it's fortunately 'cuz otherwise I may come home with things I don't need, but want anyway! When I did travel the 5 hours to my closest TJ MAXX, I found a beautiful matelasse comforter for my new guest bedroom re-do. I'm anxious to blog about it when I get the room finished. I LOVE those chairs!!!!!!

  18. Hmmmm! I have never shopped TJ Max...gonna start now though!! Thanks for the tip
    PS Love the chairs!!

  19. oh yes i found the best pillows there, linen cream with beautiful loops, looks great on my bed. But now I think I must go a little more often! Di

  20. Wowie wow wow! I love the new chairs! They are so much prettier than the PB ones and that price? Can't beat that! I was in Home Goods the other day (they are connected to TJMaxx) and they had Lane chairs for around that same price and they were gorgeous! I'd wish I'd had the bucks to buy that day. I have a thing for chairs. Not sure why, but they are one of those things that I'm attracted to. Of course, there is the "how many chairs can you squeeze into one house?" thing, but hey, whatever LOL! I do a lot of thrifting, for my business and personal use and the other day I found some beautiful purple transferware bowls at Salvation army. They are signed Clarice Cliff and, according to a replacements web site, are worth $15.99 each and are discontinued. I got them for $1.99 each plus two little berry bowls for 49 cents each! They are so pretty and led me to read up on Clarice's history - very interesting! Anyway, that's one of my stories =:) Hugs, Leena

  21. Your chairs are gorgeous!!! And I love the price! I really like that pretty little side table, too! I found my daughter a super cute black upholstered chair to use in her dorm a couple of weeks ago, for $120.00 I also like to hunt Tuesday Morning and Stein Mart! The prices are pretty good there, too!

  22. Wow, what amazing finds. You are truly a Maxanista! I love the Ralph lamp and if I knew where you lived I'd come steal that little table. Love it! The chairs look every bit as good as their wealthier PB cousins.


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