Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn-izing at the Cottage

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Yes, I've been autumn-izing. And, yes, I just made up that word.
When it shows up in Webster's dictionary, you know where it originated!

I've added a few autumn-y details to the studio...

A stuffed flannel wiener dog. 
Too cute, if you ask me!

A pillow made from an antique woven rug. LOVE it!
It's one of my finds from Oronoco Gold Rush Days this year.

Last, but not least, a vintage leather medicine ball.
A local antique store find from a few years ago.

This is autumn-izing WhisperWood Cottage style!
More autumn-izing coming up!!


  1. Hahahahaa... luv it Autumn-izing.
    What a cute dog. Agreed, luv the pillow.
    Awaiting the remainder of the autumn-izing WhisperWood Cottage style :-)
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Love the new word! The colors are the BEST in fall! I am lovin' that ball! I saw an old football in a store one time and wish I had bought it!

  3. When you autumn-ize you do it with a cute factor! Love that plaid pup! At our house we 'Christma-tize' when we turn all the lights on!

  4. The "wiener dog" is the how you incorporated the old medicine ball...great idea!


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