Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Brass Pendant Light in the Dining Room

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Found a new pendant light! 
Well, a new-to-me vintage pendant light, anyway! :)
It was from a local shop.

LOVE the brass! The shape. And the chain. Seriously. 
Can you see that chain? I've never seen anything like it!

The only problem? 
The chain does not have enough length to loop over to the hook in the center of the room. Booooo! 
There are a few potential solutions, so I'll be sure to update you when we get it figured out.

It works well in the overall dining room scheme.
Earthy neutrals everywhere.

Do you see the table covering?
It's a white bull hide that we picked up at Round Top several years ago.
Sad to say that we have not been back since, but I'm hoping soon!

It's all part of the fall nesting I've been doing around the cottage.
Not a lot. Just enough to make it cozy before the snow flies! :)

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  1. Very pretty, the chain is like jewelery. Hope you are able to match it and extend it where it needs to be:)


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