Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is Insulation Pink a Color Inspiration?

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Remember that dumpster that was filled with drywall and other chaos?

It's from a room in our house that I've waited impatiently to reno since the day we moved in.

It's from a room I have not shown fully until this day.

Tada! (More like "wah wah.") The "master" bath:

Our less than stellar master bath was stripped down to the studs.

Making insulation pink is the new "in" color. Kidding! :)

Parts of the flooring were ripped out, too.

What did we discover?

Illegal plumbing.

The heating duct never hooked up.

A tub drain not completely connected.

And staples through wires.

Nuttin' but quality here!

Luckily, we've had lots of progress since then!


  1. Holy cow how scary!!! Sometimes I wonder about the quality of our home too! I guess it is good that you decided to do a renovation!What happened to good craftmanship?

  2. Hi darling, wow! thank goodness you tore into everything before something serious happened... cannot wait for the beautiful reveal... hugs ~lynne~

  3. Tell me more! Tell me more! You're going to make us wait for more details and pics, are't you? Argh! LOL! Hey, at least it's a nice big bathroom with room for a soaking tub and seperate shower and other spa goodies! I'd love to have that! Good luck with the project and, as you may have guessed, I'll be waiting to read more =:) Hugs, Leena

  4. Oh my!!! Staples in wires?? Yikes!! And a tub drain not connected right...sigh! Could make for one messy problem!! Good thing you opened up the walls and floors. Now it is going to be fabulous as well as legal!! Ha

  5. Hopefully, you didn't have mold or rot from the improper tub drain! Bathrooms can have lots of things wrong depending on the age and quality.

  6. Oh, wow, that's scary! Glad you found the problems before they became even bigger problems!

  7. Oh my goodness! It's a wonder you didn't have a fire or flood. So glad you were able to gut everything and find the hidden dangers.
    Looking forward to seeing the reveal.
    Blessing, Ginger


  8. Pink insulation no. Pepto Bismol, yes

  9. Breaking into the walls always leads to a few surprises but it sounds like you uncovered a lot of dangerous situations. Good luck with your project and I hope you have no further surprises.


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