Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life Whispers: The Crunchy Life

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The Crunchy Life
by Amy of WhisperWood Cottage

I went for a crunchy walk today.
The path overtaken by fallen leaves.
The air filled with the scent of autumn.

As I crunched along, I thought about the transition of the seasons.
The trees effortlessly releasing their leaves in preparation for their winter rest.
Do you and I do the same?

Do we take lessons from mother nature and create times for rest and rejuvenation?
Do we give ourselves permission to let go and to retreat into our own version of hibernation?
Are we willing to let go of our old selves so that we can go within,
explore our inner recesses, discover our hearts, and awake refreshed and renewed?

Or do we hold on to our old selves?
Like autumn leaves that do not fall, 
do we hold onto our old hurts, stories, and patterns that no longer serve us?
Afraid to bare ourselves and reveal our true nature?
Afraid of feeling the emotions that we've been hiding beneath our leafy boughs?
What happens if we let those leaves go?

We give ourselves permission 
to be free,
to feel,
to heal,
to move beyond the past and into the present moment.

We commit to becoming our truest selves.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

Live the crunchy life.


  1. Love these beautiful pictures. I too just took a long walk with my 4 year old yesterday through all the leaves, collecting as we walked. I just can't get enough of the beautiful trees and all their wonderful, colorful, falling leaves. Happy Fall to you!

  2. Beautiful post Amy...agree, the "crunchy life" is the way to go :)


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