Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Details in the Master Bath Renovation

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Are you  ready for some detail shots of the master bath renovation? Some details have stories, others are just things that caught my eye.

The artwork above is one of the few items that existed in the bathroom before the makeover. I purchased this from a garage sale by the original artist. It had been painted and framed by an elderly woman, who was being moved from her home to another living option. It was obvious she loved painting and used the hobby to fill her retirement days. From her 100+ paintings, this one caught my eye. I think I paid a whopping $4 or something crazy. I looooove this little piece of art. In fact, it was the inspiration for the room. For me, it conveys life and sophistication...much like the elderly artist.

These two pieces of art are inspirational to me for different reasons. The top print is from a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii several years ago. We had traveled to the active volcano on the south side of the island. The print is of Pele, the goddess of fire. She represents the creation of life. I find the colors striking, and I like how it relates to the colors of the floral painting in the first photo. It is framed in an Ikea frame picked up at Goodwill years ago.

The Dachsund artwork is an original piece signed by the author. Like the floral painting, it is a thrift find. I picked it up at Goodwill for $8 a few weeks ago. My brother's family has a Dachsund named Oscar. It represents creation and family, and reminds me of my far away family and our times together.

These little plants in the window are some faux beauties from TJMaxx. A touch of black and a touch of (faux) plant life.

The American Railway Co. sign was picked up at an occasional sale several years ago. After being tried in various rooms around the home, it has FINALLY found a permanent home here. I had tried selling it a while back, but I'm glad I still had it on hand. I am quite happy with it here.

In the vintage medical cabinet, are fun accessories: an antique brass soap/sponge holder on its side, seashells, skin care tools, decorative soap, perfumes and body sprays, wash cloths, bubble bath, etc.

This antique scale was scored at a Minnesota flea market a few years back.

This side table was a TJMaxx find.

This antique brash soap/sponge holder on the side of the claw foot tub was also a flea market find.

On the counter by the sink are these three cubes. They are from TJMaxx and are perfect for easy access to every day items. I love displaying mundane items in a special way. Did you notice these three cubes match the rectangular boxes in the vintage medical cabinet? Yay, TJMaxx!

These two boxes are stacked on the other side of the sink. They add a bit of extra storage in a beautiful way. The bottom tin box is a garage sale...or maybe an estate sale find. The solid brass box on top is actually a high-end Ralph Lauren Home piece. I scored it on clearance from TJMaxx last winter. It is wrapped and detailed in fabric on the top. I love its heft and patina.

You probably saw this piece in my last post, but it's so darn awesome! The antique "housekeeping rooms" adds a bit of whimsy above the storage closet.

Okay, that's it for details. Whew! I'm exhausted. Time to go soak in that claw foot tub!

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  1. I love all of your special touches!OH that scale is so cool and that railroad sign is too!
    What a beautiful transformation!

  2. I love your bathroom. That scale is wonderful and the first flower painting, priceless!

  3. Your bathroom looks great. What a wonderful find that scale was. I just love it. You did a great job pulling it all together- xo Diana

  4. Your bathroom is beautiful- I love all the vintage touches, so pretty and welcoming.

  5. Oh, that little soap/sponge dish is absolutely adorable!!! I'm happy to be your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you! :) Blessings ~ Judy

  6. I love the accessories. The brass weight? on the vintage scale is interesting.

  7. I honestly can't decide which of the details are my favorites! Love the antique brass soap and sponge holder for the tub; adore the RAILWAY sign...my grandfather worked as a Caboose engineer, so looove it! The rug looks beautiful in any room you have it, but it adds such warmth in this space! The housekeeping sign above those doors...love; and those DOORS! I love that you replaced the other door with these...wood tones are perfect and I love that they don't match! I linked up our powder room remodel and several small projects. I wish I had finished our master bath for the link-up, but couldn't get my act together! Thanks for hosting and for sharing all your great ideas...I am inspired! Christie

  8. Love that Railway sign......I'm copycat ting THAT! What would we do without TJMaxx....half my house is decorated from there! Love those glass boxes with the cotton balls and stuff....that looks really good!

  9. Your styling is just perfect & that tub, wow, great job on your master bath, it looks amazing! Have a wonderful week, Jen


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