Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Laboratory Cabinet Retrofitted as Closet Door

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I've been saving this antique "housekeeping rooms" sign for just the right place.
It has found a home above the new "cabinet" door in the master bath renovation.

Below is the door and bathroom as it used to be. Ick.

And here is the after.

Yes. Yes. I know. The woods don't match.
For some of you, I know this might be something akin to scraping nails on a chalkboard.
BUT this is no ordinary door.
It is vintage. It has history. And it has character.

Here are the doors on the original source...
a vintage laboratory cabinet salvaged from a high school in northern Minnesota.

It has fabulous patina. And looks at this label...cabinet D!
Stuff like this makes my vintage-loving heart swoon!

When it comes to vintage pieces, I am often a preservationist. I like to keep the original finish but use the piece in a new way. With that in mind, hubby used his woodworking and construction talents to retrofit the doors into the existing door jamb.

I say he did a brilliant job. While I have considered staining it to match the new cabinetry, as of now it will stay its original finish. I simply love the doors as they are.

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  1. I guess I didn't know woods were supposed to match; mine don't either! :) Your doors have a beautiful patina that furniture refinishers work hours and hours to replicate, don't they? They're just gorgeous with time. What a rescue!

  2. I don't mind when woods don't match at all. I love your doors-they are gorgeous "as is". What a great use for them- xo Diana

  3. If the woods matched, that would be nails on a chalkboard....and boring. Love the history of pieces and the character they bring. This bathroom redo is just breathtaking. I love every single detail of it. The signs are awesome.

  4. Fabulous door!! What a great use for it!

  5. What a difference a door makes, and what a talented husband you have, indeed. That is such a sweet use of that set of doors. A real vintage-lover's score!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  6. I adore these doors...and I wouldn't touch them! You have a very crafty husband!

  7. the doors are absolutely gorgeous. The patina is so beautiful. And that sign!!!!! The best I have ever seen. And it's in the perfect place. Your renovation is amazing

  8. Gorgeous doors! But what happened to the rest of the cabinet? I'm dying to know!

    1. Great question, Lorraine. Hubby had to use other parts of the cabinet to retrofit the door within the existing door jamb. I know there is a pile of wood left over, which we might use for shelving within the closet itself.

  9. I love the doors just how they are. I don't think it matters at all that the vanity has a darker finish. You could even add in more old wood elements to tie the antique wood look throughout the room!

  10. Love the doors, they look fabulous! The sign is perfect up there too! I always love a good before and after, thanks for showing us!

  11. I prefer a non-matchy-matchy look at my house too. The doors are lovely with story and truth. Love the sign above the doors too.


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