Thursday, February 21, 2013

Master Bath Renovation: Details on the Vanity Area

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One of my favorite new areas of the master bath renovation is the vanity area. I am in love with the deep chocolatey finish of the cabinetry...purchased from Home Depot. As thrifty as I tend to be, I was shocked by how expensive cabinetry is...and it wasn't even the custom, high-end stuff. In the long run, it is worth it. It adds an extra foot of countertop and an extra set of drawers to the space. We also added the two wall-mount cabinets for his and her storage. This is sooooo much better than what was there originally...

When debating over whether we preferred counter space vs. two sinks, I opted for a single larger sink that provided for decent counter space on each side. I fell in love with this Kohler sink, which I actually selected and purchased on Amazon!! I bought the Delta faucet on Amazon, too. I had intended to purchase the touch-free version but somehow added the wrong one to my cart. Grrr! Oh, well, this one works just as well. :)

I am completely in love with the countertop and backsplash, too! My intention was to have it match the sink to create a fresh, visually uninterrupted look. Does that make sense? It is a solid surface material in Arctic White. My hubby did the measurements and my brother made the countertop. Do I not have the most talented men in my life?

Choosing the hardware was more of a challenge. I wasn't sure what I wanted for a long time. I wanted clean lines but not too contemporary. The solution was found at our local Menard's store.

The mirror, from Home Depot, is from the same line as the cabinetry. I didn't even know they had a coordinating mirror until hubby came home with it after one of our dozens of trips to the hardware store. The triple schoolhouse light fixture over the sink was also an Amazon find. I like how it coordinates with the large vintage schoolhouse light fixture hanging in the center of the room. {sigh!}

Do you have any 1st Projects of the Year to share? 

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  1. Oh my!! What a lovely transformation. I am currently in the process of hating my husband's bathroom. I've suffered this condition for nearly 10 years now and have finally come to the end of my rope. I never considered side wall cabinets but your use of them is genuis and something we must copy!

    Well done (as usual!)


  2. WOWWWWWW! Does that ever look great! You did a wonderful job there. Love the side wall cabinets! xo Diana

  3. Looks fabulous...I love the color too! And that sink is perfect!

  4. That is one great makeover! I really like the dark cabinets with the white.

  5. What a wonderful makeover! I agree about only one sink. Luckily my husband and myself don't need to get ready at the same time. I would rather have more counter/storage space than an extra sink to clean.

  6. Sweet job there! I LOVE that sink and all the storage space. The dark cabinets add a touch of class too.

  7. The cabinetry and sink look wonderful. How on earth did your brother make the countertop? Inquiring minds want to know. Love all the little vintage details!

  8. I just realized that I linked several makeover items to the room link! I linked late last night and with the link closed, I can't correct it. I'm sorry for the confusion! If you can change it, it was a chalkboard, cake stand and a post office box. No worries, if you can't; my fault for squeaking in so late! Thanks! Christie Three Pixie Lane


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