Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our First Project of 2013: Sneak Peek of the Master Bath Reveal

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What's behind this door? Remember when we started our master bath makeover back in September? Well, it's been a work in progress ever since we ripped the room down to the studs. Through this door is our newly renovated room.

This is the first time I've shown a full-on before bathroom shot (see photo below) of the hideousness and dysfunction with which we lived since we moved in. There were sooooooo many problems with this room! I can't look at it without that "yuck" face I used to give my Grandma when she wanted me to eat something disgusting (like a vegetable) as a child. I got in trouble quite often with that "yuck" reaction. Sorry, Grandma, this before shot makes me cringe as much as the thought of creamed corn. Yuck! 

The good news is that the room is now functional and much more aesthetically pleasing (at least to me).  It's very eclectic in nature, which may not be your cup of tea. It's fits my nature that appreciates quality, history, mixed woods and metals, and the ability to nurture the soul. I'll be showing you more over the next week or so. For now, here's a sneak peak of the newly renovated master bath...


More to come over the next week or so! :)

Do you have any 1st Projects of the Year to share? 

I've teamed up with Cottages & Bungalows Magazine again this year for another "1st Project of the Year Party" at WhisperWood Cottage. We are searching for projects in these two themes:

Before & After Rooms
Before & After Items

The linky will be open Feb. 1-28, and you will be able to link up your projects completed and posted in 2013. At least one person will win in a multi-page feature in an upcoming issue of Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!


  1. Well the door is totally amazing! Now I can't wait to see more!

  2. I LOVE before and after. Can`t wait to see.


  3. If that door is any indication of how amazing the "new" bathroom will be, it should be stunning!

  4. I like it already! It looks like it is such a big bathroom, too. Looking forward to seeing the full reveal!

  5. I'm loving what I'm seeing so far, starting with that fabulous barn door! Can't wait to see the entire reveal! Hugs, Leena

  6. Can't wait to see the finished room, the sneak peek looks so much better!

  7. That door is gorgeous, as is the railroad sign and that schoolhouse light! Can't wait to see more.

  8. We need to redo a bathroom as well. Unfortunately it's about the size of your tub! Thanks for the sneak peek! Love it!

  9. Love it!Thanks for the inspiration. Care to share where you found the door?

    1. The track and trolley systems we have for our two barn-style doors are antique pieces that were salvaged for free from an 1800s barn in southern Wisconsin. You can, however, still find new and reproduction versions with a range of prices. You can search for them online (search for "barn door" or "barn door track") or ask your local retailer who sells parts for building sheds and/or barns. Here are some that I've found online...
      Specialty Doors (used by The Pioneer woman)
      Ace Hardware
      Aubuchon Hardware
      Better Barns


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