Friday, May 17, 2013

MystiKit: The Missing Link for DIY Bloggers Who Want to Make Money

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Have you ever thought about earning money doing what you already love to do – sharing your DIY and crafting projects so others can try them? I've always wished there was some way to turn my love of DIY projects and blogging into an income stream. Isn't that what we all get paid to do what we love?
Well, guess what! Newly launched is the missing link that allows bloggers to make money directly from their project tutorials! From your old posts or new ones, use the MystiKit technology to create a virtual “kit” of materials and tools for anyone wishing to replicate your project. Buyers simply click on a link from your website and the entire basket opens up, from which they can choose some or all of the items to purchase for delivery to their doorstep.


 Here's a fun video demonstration by MystiKit CEO and fellow blogger, Jennifer...


You can see my current MystiKits by clicking here. If you click on the kit photo, it will take you to the buying page where you can customize what you want to include in your cart. If you click buy, you buy it all in one shot! Can you imagine how much time that will save for you and/or your readers? No more running from store to store or searching the web for individual pieces. Love it!


When the CEO and creator of MystiKit contacted me personally about becoming a Kitter on MystiKit, I waited about two seconds...and then jumped on board immediately. I see such potential in this brilliant concept. In fact, I'm giving them feedback on what bloggers would want from a site like this. It's going to be magical!

Along with me, here are a few more of my blogging friends who are already kitting their creative DIY projects on the MystiKit site:

Would you like to become a Kitter on the MystiKit site and make sellable kits for your DIY projects? Kitting capabilities are not open to everyone yet. You either have to be invited or you can request to join. If you would like an invite, please let me know by leaving a comment. Or you can go straight to the request form.

Questions? Ask away! I'll make sure to get all the answers you need!


  1. sounds great! signed up using the form. :)

  2. Very intriguing! I signed up using the form - interested in hearing more! My kitchen cabinet painting tutorial would be a good candidate for this one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for the info, looking forward to hearing more! :)

  4. Can you explain how to make money from this? I was accepted, but when I go to the site, I don't see anything about earning from kits that are bought. Thanks again for the info. :)

  5. Thanks for the info. I am now a Kitter! But, like SheilaG, I didn't see any info on how you actually make money.

    1. I'll forward your question to MystiKit headquarters. I'm sure Jennifer will be in touch soon! :)


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