Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pin Stripe Table Runner: A Gift from Grandma

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I just wanted to show off this great PB table runner, which is a gift from my sweet and sassy grandmother. Grandma is an über-special lady who keeps everyone on their toes while simultaneously putting them at ease. She and I have a special relationship, which I deeply cherish. She is witty, humorous, and oh so beautiful! Obviously, those traits run in our family. :)

I haven't used the runner yet, but I'm in love with the blue pin stripe. Aren't you? I have grand visions of beach-inspired tablescapes. Lots of blue, white, glass, shells, etc. Maybe a pop of gold for a nautical feel? Oh, yeah. I can see it in my mind. Now, to get creating...


  1. Beautiful runner! And yes indeed, it will be a great inspiration for a lot of various table settings. Aren't grandmothers special and precious?


  2. So beautiful, I know you will enjoy it. You are so blessed to still have your grandmother. enjoy her as well.
    Hugs, Ginger


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