Sunday, September 8, 2013

Birthday Bouquet

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Bonjour, everyone! 
No, I don't speak French, but I feel like I can speak the language of amour today.
I feel quite blessed to feel so loved.

These beautiful flowers were a gift for my recent birthday. 
I forget which anniversary of my 29th birthday we celebrated. :)
The years fly by quickly, don't they?

I've come to appreciate life as a journey of self-discovery and growth.
While youth has it's benefits, maturity bring gifts such greater self-awareness, wisdom, and peace.
Gifts like these make up a bouquet that will continue to bloom throughout your life.

Here's to celebrating the journey of life and all its beautiful gifts!


  1. Happy, Happy Belated birthday. Today is my oldest daughter's birthday and tomorrow is her hubby's. Blessings for a wonderful Sunday. Your roses are beautiful! xo Diana


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