Thursday, October 24, 2013

Capturing Memories with Photo Books

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Over the summer, my niece came to spend a whole week with us. We had a complete blast! For her birthday, I made her a book of photos and narrative of our adventures together. With that recent event on my mind, I was completely inspired by this school memory book project from Lisa at Creative Raisins.

Seriously! Is this not the best way to feature all of your child's artwork, school memorabilia, etc.? It captures it all beautifully without bins, drawers, boxes, or closets full of disorganized paper. Fabulous, Lisa!

Lisa used Shutterfly. For the album I designed for my niece, I used iPhoto to organize the photos and then ordered through Apple. I also do a similar project every year when I create a photo calendar for my parents. If I really want to get serious, I have a several decades worth of photos and other memorabilia I should get started on! Hmmm...

Any other great ideas for capturing memories or creating photo projects? What tools, software, or websites do you use?


  1. That is a really, really GREAT idea. A treasure to keep for a lifetime- xo Diana


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