Monday, January 20, 2014

"Do you miss that counter space?"

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In our kitchen renovation, we replaced the lighted upper cabinets and lower base cabinets with two 96" tall pantry cabinets. A Little Paint, A Little Spackle asked "Do you miss that counter space?" Great question! Here's my answer...

We do not miss that counter space at all! The previous counter space ended up being a catch-all for the mail and miscellaneous "I'll deal with this later" kind of stuff. We never used it as any kind of workspace. It was usually just a cluttered mess. Plus, it was difficult to access anything in the lower cabinets.

The new pantry cabinets give us a ton more usable storage space. I love the pull-out drawers! You never lose things in the back of cabinets or have to unload 90% of the contents to get to the item in the back of or underneath everything else. Whoever created these things is a genius!

The space that got and still does get the most use in the kitchen island. We were able to add a extra foot to the island to give us more work space and seating space.

We also gained additional storage space in the upper cabinets on the sink wall. Can you see how the cabinets are taller and that there is also a cabinet above the refrigerator? You wouldn't think it would make that much of a difference, but it is like night and day!

In the next post, I'll show you some additional storage features that make being in the kitchen a bit more functional and fun!

More kitchen details to come!

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  1. Beautiful! I love your ceiling too. We have one of those areas in the kitchen that seems to be a catch all for "stuff".


  2. Just beautiful. I love the full cabinet/pantry much more functional and more storage is better than counter any day. It looks great.

  3. Your kitchen is so lovely, and just the perfect size! We are doing ours but there isn't a lot of room in it, so mainly it cosmetic. (we will be turning the coat closet into a pantry, I'm excited about that!) Your new pantry looks amazing!
    Debbie :)

  4. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love the new pantry space!! Of course, you already know that I love everything about your kitchen; however, I'm thrilled to see the addition of your panty and pull-out drawers. When we updated our kitchen the second time, I insisted on doing something about the bottom cabinets to make them more accessible and more functional. Originally, I hoped for pull out drawers behind doors - but when the contractor suggested we just remove the step of doors and create extra large/deep drawers, I was sold! You're so right about how neat and organized things stay - not to mention super easy to reach! We deserve kitchens like this!

    I've missed your blog so very much but I hope you know that I think of you often and fondly. I'll never forget those lovely twin chairs in your living room when I first became a reader - the thought of them still makes my heart jump!


  5. Do like the cabinets with lighting and counters.


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