Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Functional Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

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We had a lot of fun planning our kitchen renovation. We ultimately went with the Martha Stewart Line of cabinetry at Home Depot. Home Depot had a 10% sale going on and Martha Stewart had discounts for if you spent a certain amount. We love the quality, and they have a lot of great options that make the cabinets works so well.  One example is the pull-out drawer feature. Love! Here are some more features we love...

This pull-out tray/cutting board organizer is dreamy.

This spice organizer pivots out of the cabinet. Talk about quadrupling the space. And nothing gets lost in the back or on a high shelf that no one can see or reach.

In the island, we used what's called a "super cabinet." It has pull-outs and racks on the doors. Lots of storage that keeps things handy when working at the island.

Right next to the super cabinet in the island is the pull-out trash and recycling. Having this in the island is great for food preparation!!

More kitchen details coming up!


  1. They sure are the same style as our new ones from Home Depot, except I can tell by the hinges they are different companies-our hinges say Innmost. Love all the unique types of cabinets you chose. It is so much fun to have enough drawers in the kitchen. Love it.

  2. Your kitchen is amazing with all the great storage hidden so efficiently away. I would like to purchase the pull outs and racks etc..What store would you recommend looking for such items? The best quality for the best price. Thank you again for sharing and your information. Smiles n Blessings


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