Thursday, January 23, 2014

"What kind of flooring is that?"

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shelley asked "Can you tell me the brand of laminate flooring?" in your kitchen renovation?
I sure can, Shelley!...

Here are the deets...
Company: Mannington
Product: AduraTile
Style: Manhattan
Color: White Iron

This is the same tile that we used in the master bath renovation. It runs throughout the master bath, laundry room (still under renovation), and kitchen. It's great because there is no grout! I've had grouted ceramic tile floors before. I was not a fan, because the floor can chip and the grout gets dirty. In fact, I am not a fan of any type of grout for just that reason. 

Mannington AT144 White Iron Adura Vinyl Floor

Above is the swatch from the Mannington website. It doesn't show as much detail as you would see in person, but you can see the effect in the other photos. The White Iron color/pattern has a neutral mix of soft whites, greys, and beiges, which harmonizes with the white walls and backsplash, grey cabinets and stools, and pine ceiling.

This flooring actually is warmer than the linoleum we had before and definitely warmer than a ceramic tile would have been. Anything to help keep the feet warm during cold winters! We're quite happy with it!

More kitchen details coming up!

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