Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Self: An Adventure that Calls

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Hello, my friends! Yes, I'm still here, Since I haven't posted for a long while, several of you contacted me to make sure that I was okay. Thank you, dear hearts! I appreciate you caring!

I apologize for the cryptic post way back in August...and no follow up since then! Oddly enough, when I wrote that post, I was all hyped up about getting healthy and having some major external changes. I had been working with a health coach and feeling great!

But the changes didn't stop there. While things had changed over the summer, the real changes didn't even begin until that post. What do I mean by that? Well, things started to go internal...mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I felt the need to dive into some difficult questions, like "What is my purpose?" and all that deep stuff! I decided that I needed to prioritize myself and put other non-essentials to the back burner for a while. The adventure was calling, and I had to go. Do you know what I mean?

When you go for real, authentic healing, it is a life-altering experience. More than that, it is a series of life-altering experiences. And it's a bit of a roller coaster. For me, it has been a season of self-awareness, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment. I am not the same person I was last year, last month, or even last week. I truly feel that something beautiful is on the horizon. I can't help but seek it out.

Have any of you ever had a life journey like this? How did you grow from it? What beauty did you find?


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  1. So glad to see you back blogging. Sometimes life takes us on a new journey. Sounds like you are finding your path.
    Have a great rest of this week and wonderful week end.


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