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Amy: creative junker/antiquer; chronic furniture rearranger; keeper of the never-ending honey-do list
Ron: loving hubby; motorhead; master of all things DIY
Tanner: loyal friend; world's best dog; hates to fetch but swims like a fish

I started blogging on a whim after a recommendation from a friend in August 2008. At the time, I barely knew what a blog was! Following Blogger's 3 easy steps, I had a blog up and running in minutes. Then I asked myself, "Now what?" Initially it was a way to capture life happenings and fun projects with my junk and antique finds. Since then, it has become a healthy obsession, a passionate hobby, a creative outlet, and a social gathering place. WhisperWood Cottage is my Cheers...a place where everybody knows my name. I constantly make new friends, find new inspiration, and share my heart and ideas.

WhisperWood Cottage features a unique cottage style that involves a traditional aesthetic, industrial touches, new and vintage decor, and inventive repurposes. Together with my husband, Ron (the world’s best handyman), we tackle small and large home improvement projects in every room. Our goals? Quality, authenticity, comfort, and style.

Take a look around the various rooms to see before/after photos and related DIY projects.




WWC is a DIY cottage. For the most part, we DIY everything! I think it comes from how both of were raised. We both came from families that had to work very hard for everything they had. DIY was not a lifestyle choice, it was a necessity. From that, both of us learned to value hard work, doing things ourselves, and creating quality projects on a budget. On that alone, we make quite the team! While I will not say DIY is always easy, I will say that it always rewarding...and usually cost-effective!

Room Renovations & Makeovers
When it comes to major home design and renovations at WWC, I am the brain and Ron is the brawn! I envision, research, and design the spaces. Then Ron takes over and makes the vision a reality with his insane amount of construction knowledge and skill. He is the McGyver of DIY! Together, we always have one or more renovations in the works around here.
We've completed initial renovations/makeovers in the master bedroom, kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom, guest bath, and studio...at least for now! :) We're planning MAJOR renovations in the master bath next. It will be completely gutted and a lot of work, but we are looking forward to it. I've been gathering inspiration, collecting flea market finds, and planning the layout for 5 years now. I can't wait to see it come to fruition!
Home Decor Projects
For smaller projects, we create things that fit with WWC's eclectic cottage style. Whether it be making our own lamps, repurposing vintage items, hanging drapery, or rearranging a room, the home decor projects are never-ending! Other recent projects include stenciling walls and adding beadboard wallpaper to the guest bath.
Craft Projects
As an Official DIY Gal, I receive amazing products from DIY Club sponsors that inspire my creativity. From chalkboard projects (such as portable paper chalkboards, chalkboard tags made from old business cards, and chalkboard linen tape) to stenciled wrapping paper, the sky is the limit when it comes to those small details that add character to a home or make entertaining/gifting extra fun.
If you poke around the blog, you'll see I have a penchant for vintage signs, metal medical cabinets, doors, and all kinds of flea market finds. It's a passion of which I can't get enough. Using vintage items in new ways is good for my soul, my budget, and the environment!