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How did you come up with the name WhisperWood Cottage?
"Nestled away in the Northwoods of Minnesota, the trees at WhisperWood Cottage rustle and sway with the Lake Superior breeze. If you listen closely, you'll hear them whispering to each other. If you listen even more closely, you will discover they are whispering to you. What are they saying? Well, that depends on how well you listen." For me, the whispering trees represent the life whispers to which we need to listen. It's about trusting your own instincts, paying attention to what life is trying to teach us, and creating the life we want. They key is learning how to listen to those things.

What kind of house is WhisperWood Cottage?
Architecturally, WhisperWood Cottage is a manufactured home. From the outside, it looks like a big box...quite unassuming. We've worked hard to create a space inside that makes the house a home with a style that represents who we are.

What camera and lenses do you use?
Camera: Sony Alpha
Lenses: Sony 18-70mm zoom, Sigma EX 10-20mm wide-angle zoom

I love the barn-style doors in your master bedroom! Where do I find the hardware for them?
The track and trolley systems we have for our two barn-style doors are antique pieces that were salvaged for free from an 1800s barn in southern Wisconsin. You can, however, still find new and reproduction versions with a range of prices. You can search for them online (search for "barn door" or "barn door track") or ask your local retailer who sells parts for building sheds and/or barns. Here are some that I've found online...
Specialty Doors (used by The Pioneer woman)
Ace Hardware 
Aubuchon Hardware
Better Barns

What kind of dog is Tanner (aka, T-dog)?
We're not 100% sure about the lineage of our trusty Tanner (aka, T-dog). He was living at the animal shelter as a teeny, tiny pup. When we went to visit the shelter one day, our eyes met across a crowded kennel. It was puppy love at first sight! Based on his size and markings, he could be part Red Heeler or maybe part Catahoula. The jury is still out on that one! He graduated with flying colors from Puppy Kindergarten and is a super smarty pants as far as learning new things. He is an independent soul who loves chewies, swimming, chasing chippies (chipmunks), and cuddling.

How can I advertise on WhisperWood Cottage?
WhisperWood Cottage works with quality sponsors and offers a range of standard and unique sponsorship options. Please email alvn.mail@gmail.com for information on sponsorship opportunities.